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Safe At Work
Before students can undertake Work Experience they must complete the "Safe At Work" modules and tests. We learn about OHS in the first term of each year. For each module, there is online information that students read and complete activities.

After completing each module, you need to complete the "Self Assessment Test" for that module:

(*Please note these modules are adapted for Marnebek students and links are for reading purpose only) 

What is a USI number?
From the start of 2015, anyone undertaking a VET/SBAT course will need to have a "Unique Student Identifier" (USI) this is a bit like an account number made up of letters and numbers and is allocated to each student. It is used to identify students when undertaking any vocational training from the start of 2015.

This USI allows students to login to their training account and see all training records and the results of all courses. Students can also print out all their results to take to an employer when they are applying for a job or to any training provider when they are doing any additional courses. Students must have this Unique Student Identifier before they can commence any courses.

If you don't already have one, you can create one at

Careers Pathways

What is and how do I get a tax file number ?

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